the Author expansion Pullover klase reported that the head of DEAC Janis Кагис first contacted him by e-mail. After Popov said that in a letter Кагиса does not specify any law that would be violated, the company DEAC contacted by the school to arrange a meeting with the student and his parents. The school Director Maris Brasla in a conversation with Delfi refused to comment on the current situation, noting that it is of a minor.

" my desktop is a letter of warning from the advocates ' Bureau Magnusson, which is DEAC. In it the attorney Alex Valle says that I violated the copyright. I think that such statements about the expansion, which works like AdBlock, is absurd, but I have no time, nerves, money, and other resources on their legal protection. So today I deleted Pullover Klase of Google apps list," writes Popov. He also notes: "I Wonder how Bureau has managed to find out the name and surname of the author on the apps list of his personal identity number and home address?".