" Минспорте prepared a document on the composition of the national team on the Olympic games, who on Thursday will approve the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia. In the men's figure skating there's one name - Plushenko, who will act as team competitions, and a single tournament".

21 January Plushenko spent controlling the car, which the athlete was satisfied. On 22 January scheduled meeting of the expert Council of Federation of figure skating of Russia, on which the final decision should be taken about who will represent Russia in the tournament skaters.

How it was reported at the championship of Russia Plushenko took second place, and then missed the championship of Europe.

Previously Plushenko said, that in Sochi intends to deliver both personal and team tournament. "Adherents of sporting principle just want to remind that in last year's championship of Russia Kovtun took only the 5th place, but sent it to the European championship and world championship.

After 17th place maxima in London, Russia has remained the only license for the Games-2014. Yes, Kovtun great made the championship of the country, but to fight for Olympic medals, you need to have a serious international experience.

Question who will defend the honor of Russia at the Olympic games in Sochi is a prerogative of the President ФФКР Alexander Gorshkov and General Director Valentina Писеева. If I feel that it is not ready to the Olympic start, or will I have a health problem, then be sure I read it", - said Plushenko Agency ITAR-TASS.