Regular the CHL lasted half a year - from 4 September 2013 on 4 March 2014. Just played 756 matches with participation of 28 clubs, which were visited by a total of 4 596 836 viewers - this is a new record in the League. Average occupancy arenas clubs KHL was 79,74%.

Despite on the total growth of the number of visitors (first of all, the emergence of new clubs in the League - Zagreb "Медвешчак" and Vladivostok "Admiral"), the average attendance of the matches of the regular championship KHL season in 2013/14 fell by 0.5% and amounted to 6 080 spectators per game. The record still figures in the KHL were shown last year - 6 105 per match. Of the European Championships higher performance this season, only the strongest of the Swiss League-NLA (6 878) and the German Bundesliga-DEL (6 304).

The visited League club for the first time in history became the SKA, which raised on the average on each match of the season-2013/14 12 133 people. Petersburg CSKA took in this respect the primacy of the unsuccessful who spent the season of the Minsk "Dynamo" (10 426). Three of the most popular teams in the League locked Bratislava Slovan (10 013). Also in the top five most visited clubs entered Yaroslavl "Lokomotiv" (8 695) and Riga "Dinamo" (8 083).

And Latvian club more other participants of the KHL has gained in terms of attendance for the last year ( 1 855 spectators). In comparison with poor performance last season the rise of Riga is predicted, however, the interest of the fans even exceeded expectations.

In serious black was also Yekaterinburg "Motorist" ( 1 352), Vityaz ( 910) and Astana "Barys" ( 846).

the Most "minus" showed mentioned the Minsk "Dynamo" (-3 873) Prague "Lev" (-2 022) and Novokuznetsk "Metallurgist" (-1 082). And the worst attendance KHL club became Khanty-Mansiysk "Yugra" (only 2 815 people on average per game).