To settlement plan proposed by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, Tusk refers ambiguous. "This statement is very ambiguous when it comes from the mouth of the person responsible for this state of Affairs, - he said in the Polish Sejm. - We have no doubt that actions of the administration of the President Yanukovych and his behavior leading up to this critical moment, when the unity of the Ukrainian state is in question".

Prime announced further support of Ukraine's European choice. But he added that Ukrainians are waiting for "the long March. "Ukraine as a rich and peaceful neighbor is a condition necessary for Poland to the feelings of our security. Ukraine torn internal strife, and internally divided, sooner or later, must mean a very serious problem for the entire region, not only for the Ukrainians", - has transferred his words "Polish radio".

In on Saturday night vicinity of the government quarter to the barricades went out thousands of opposition activists, they set fire to the tyre chain, located on the first barricade. Resumed shooting rubber bullets. The interior Ministry has reported that the protesters seized three guards, one of them had been stabbed. In Holosiivskyi district found the body employee of the State security service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine with a fatal gunshot wound in the head. According to the Ukrainian mass media, he lived in a dormitory, where identified the soldiers of "Berkut".

25 January Polish Prime Minister will speak about the situation in Ukraine with the President of European Council Herman van Rompuy.