According to the text of the document, these restrictions will not affect only two areas: research and education, in which the corresponding words and symbols of a space to explore. All other violation of the law will have to either pay a fine of up to 100,000 shekels, or go to jail for up to six months.

Bill was presented to the ruling coalition. Its representatives stated that in the Jewish state should be restrictions on the use of certain words and symbols connected with Nazism.

Opposition the party, in turn, said that the draft law represents a clear attempt to restrict the freedom of expression and prevent public discussion. The main enemies of the initiative were made by the left party, which usually do not hesitate in expressions when criticizing the government's policy against the Palestinians. Their allies in this matter steel, ultra-Orthodox parties, which will periodically accusing the Nazism of the Arabs and the government.

To emphasize the "oppressed" the position of some ultra-Orthodox during protests sew on his clothes yellow stars of David, that the Nazi government was forced to wear all the inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto. In case of adoption of the law of the use of these characters will be prohibited.

It is expected that consideration of the bill will continue in the near future. Now his supporters have every chance of success, as the ruling coalition has a majority in the Knesset.