In the tests with landfill in the British Hebrides Islands off the coast of Scotland will be running an unarmed ballistic missile, which will track and intercept the elements of the marine component of the missile defense system. In addition, exercise participants will have to destroy at the same time running a combat ship anti-ship missile. For intercepting ballistic targets will be used by American interceptor missiles SM-3.

According to the Sixth operational fleet of the U.S. Navy, the exercise will involve all four American destroyers, equipped with AEGIS missile defense system, which is permanently based in Rota (Spain).

In addition to the USA in the exercises will also be attended by Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway and France. These countries are established in 1999, the Forum on the Maritime theatre of war. The organization was established to coordinate efforts to build a missile defense system.

The U.S. Navy is not yet disclosed the specific time, venue of test and possible the area over which interception will be carried out.

Four American destroyers ABOUT, placed on a permanent basis in Europe, along with construction of land bases of the ABM in Poland and Romania are part of the construction program of the European phased adaptive missile defense system.

According to the American side, it is not directed against Russia but is intended to protect European allies and American bases from ballistic missiles of Iran. Russia has repeatedly called on to make these statements legally.