"In the Church there are people who turned to gospel by the rock Opera "Jesus Christ superstar". Between blasphemous and non-canonical image of the Shrine - chasm, invisible only culturally short-sighted man" - wrote the head of the Synodal Department for relations between the ROC society and the media Vladimir Legoyda on the Agency's website.

The Church "does not suppress creativity, blessing artists to inspire Evangelical subjects in his works," said Legoyda. According to him, works of art based on biblical stories, are "reflections of Christian culture", although they may give rise to controversy and debate. You can't block the artist "to draw inspiration in Scripture", said the head of the Synodal Department.

Thus Legoyda responded to the letter residents of Tyumen, in which they asked the Governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev to cancel the screening of the rock Opera. "According to the authors of the letter, this Opera is aimed at creating a false representation of the divine essence of Jesus Christ, the canonical view of biblical events", - said the Agency TASS press Secretary of the Governor of the region Olga Frolova.

According to her, the letter was sent not only to the Governor but also the regional Prosecutor and the General Director of the Tyumen theatre and concert Association. Frolov said that the decision to cancel the show should take theatre. However, the theatre said that the letter was not received, and the show will go on as planned on Monday evening.

Previously, the screening of the Opera "Jesus Christ superstar" was canceled in Omsk. Representative of the leading soloist of the theater "Rock Opera" Vladimir Dagansta Xenia Sudan said bi-Bi-si, that is scheduled for November 1, Opera show was cancelled because of the protests of Orthodox activists. The organizers explained the cancellation of the performance of weak ticket sales.

Against the show of the rock Opera was organized by the public movement "Family, love, Fatherland". The organization said that the rock Opera contains a mockery of the faith and "a mockery of sacred concepts." In 2015, Omsk Orthodox activists gathered about a thousand signatures for a ban on the rock Opera "Jesus Christ superstar", but then her show was not cancelled.