The Greek Parliament on the night of Saturday, October 17, approved a package of reforms involving austerity measures. For the bill voted 154 deputies in the 300-seat Parliament. The document envisages among other things increasing taxes, reducing pensions and raising the retirement age. These measures will allow the country to receive financial assistance from international lenders. The next tranche is 2 billion euros, reminds the AP.

On the eve of voting in Athens took place many thousands protest action. The discussion in Parliament also took place rapidly. The opposition accused the government that it draws the country into a spiral of recession. In response, the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras stated that the proposed measures are not new and were known in July, when Greece entered into an agreement with the European creditors.

At the July summit of the leaders of the Eurozone countries was agreed a third bailout package for Greece under the condition that the government of the country social and economic reforms. Athens pledged in the next three years to 86 billion Euro. The current vote for Tsipras became the first test of strength after September elections, said the Agency AFP.