Nationality of detainees is not specified. According to the news Agency Dogan, the detainees had intended to go to Iraq and Syria to join the terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG, grouping forbidden in Russia).

10 October in the capital two bombs exploded, killing 99 people. The attack was the bloodiest in the entire history of the Republic, committed suicide two. They mingled with the crowd of peaceful demonstrators who were preparing for a rally in support of peace and against the rampant terrorism in the country.

Among terrorist groups has not claimed responsibility. The authorities declared that the terrorist attack in Ankara may be involved in the "Islamic state" (IG) and Kurdistan workers ' party (PKK). Kurdish activists had ownership flatly denied.

Turkish police earlier reported that one of the two perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Ankara was the brother of an alleged member of the terrorist group "Islamic state". According to police, Yunus Amir Alagoz detonated an explosive device. His elder brother — Sheikh Abdurrahman Alagona, presumably, previously organized the terrorist attack in the Turkish city of Suruç near the Syrian border.