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In Italy storm after the decision regarding Piotr Zielinski. “Shame” –

“This is a complete scandal. […] An enormous act of self-destruction” – with these words, “Corriere dello Sport” journalist Antonio Giordano criticized Aurelio De Laurentiis’ decision to exclude Piotr Zieliński from the squad for the spring matches of the Champions League. The Polish player has decided to leave SSC Napoli after the season and will have to reconcile with the role of being a substitute in the spring. Antonio Giordano stated on “Radio Marte” that “Napoli’s Champions League squad without the Pole and his expulsion is a complete scandal”.

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[Piotr Zieliński lost to a person with whom “no one wins”. “Taking into account the fact that Zieliński is one of the biggest talents alongside Chwiczy Kwaracchelii, we are witnessing an enormous act of self-destruction” – summarized the “Corriere dello Sport” journalist. – We cannot defend De Laurentiis, but we also cannot be surprised by him. He was led by the nose a bit.

Udinese and Brescia believe that the exclusion of the 29-year-old midfielder from the team under Vesuvius in the Champions League will mostly harm the Polish national team. And the player, despite currently having played 355 matches, will not enter the pantheon of legends of the Neapolitan club. – Read more:

[Wojciech Szczęsny no longer hides. However, there is still no official confirmation from either side.

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