Erling Haaland

The Big Revolution in Football! FIFA Boss Announces –

The traditional system of negotiation between two clubs is set to be replaced. The goal is to bring greater transparency to the market.

In the most likely scenario, if Borussia Dortmund sends an official offer for Erling Haaland to Manchester City, the English club will reject the proposal and classic negotiations will begin, during which the price is raised until both sides reach an agreement (or not). As noted by the English newspaper “The Telegraph,” this system has been in place since the 19th century when the first player transfer transactions were recorded.

However, Gianni Infantino aims to introduce a true revolution by having a computer, rather than people, determine the price for players. The idea is to increase market transparency.

Infantino mentioned during a FIFA conference in Tokyo that there needs to be a discussion regarding the possibility of establishing player prices through a special algorithm. The factors to be taken into account by the algorithm include contract length, time remaining on the contract (the closer to expiration, the lower the price), age, and strictly on-field statistics such as the number of matches played and goals scored.

According to the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), the most valuable players in the world currently are Vinicius Junior, Jude Bellingham (both from Real Madrid), and Haaland (Manchester City), all valued at 210 million pounds. The computer algorithm’s specific method for calculating prices was not disclosed.

However, the intention is to consider the various influencing factors to determine a fair and transparent valuation of players.


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