Polish National Football Team

Expert predicts a bleak scenario for the Polish national team. “We won’t make it,” –

Piotr Zieliński is facing an important decision. In the past years, he has proven that his priority is not solely money, but rather playing in a club where he feels comfortable and can play a significant role. His family’s well-being is also crucial to him.

While money matters, it’s not his primary focus. Even though he has shown a lack of greed recently, it’s understandable if he eventually seeks a more financially rewarding opportunity. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if he chose an option in the Middle East.

We need to wait for his decision. His playing rhythm considering the Polish national team is also a topic of interest. Many believe he will be well-prepared and his reduced frequency of matches due to not participating in mid-week UEFA Champions League games might benefit him physically.

There’s confidence in Piotr’s performance. Moving on to Robert Lewandowski, he is a standout player. His time in Dortmund started slowly but then led to a series of successes.

His move to Bayern Munich has been remarkable. Barcelona brought him a championship and the title of top scorer in his first season. It’s unlikely that Poland will produce another talent like him in the next few decades.

Players like Buksa, Piątek, and Milik had to find their place and Piątek seems to have found his footing. Piątek’s time at Basaksehir could potentially be a long-term fit for him, considering his good form and the relatively lower pressure in the team. Previously, when he experienced a good period, he quickly faced a transfer, and although he may have benefited financially, his career progression stalled.

The improvement in form among other national team players indicates greater competition. The potential scenario of not qualifying for the European Championship playoffs might trigger radical changes in the squad, while a successful qualification could lead to changes in a more natural and gradual manner. As for the attack, Piątek, Buksa, Lewandowski, Milik, and Świderski’s move from MLS to Serie A have intensified the competition.

There are high expectations from the national team’s coach, and it will be challenging for him to finalize the list of players for the playoffs. The developments in the players’ careers are ongoing.


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