Name of the player: Dani Alves

Accusation of rape is not the only thing. Dani Alves in serious trouble, shock –

Dani Alves is in serious trouble, shock
The interrogation of Dani Alves has begun, as he is accused of sexual assault. The former Barcelona star and Brazil international could be further incriminated by the testimony of his former partner, and that’s not all. As reported by “El Confidencial,” the 40-year-old is drowning in debt, and a significant portion of his companies have declared bankruptcy. Additionally, he is accused of physical assault and rape.

The former footballer denies the charges, but his case is not helped by the fact that he has changed his testimony several times. On Monday, Alves appeared in court, and during the questioning, the effects of his year-long incarceration could be seen. Further details are available in the video below. Ultimately, his ex-wife Joana Sanz could be the one to further incriminate the 40-year-old.

According to reports from Spanish media, the model has no intention of siding with Alves. The Spaniards reveal shocking news. The newspaper “El Confidencial” presented an extensive article dedicated to the Brazilian, from which it is clear that his situation is dire. The 40-year-old is struggling with massive debts.

When the whole situation came to light, sponsors quickly turned away from him, and his last club, UNAM Pumas, terminated his contract while simultaneously demanding 5 million euros in compensation for breach of the provisions in the agreement. The former footballer also owes the state 2.25 million euros. His assets have already been seized. His apartment in Barcelona was confiscated, as well as 50 percent of the assets that were divided after his divorce from Joana Sanz.

The balances on his bank accounts are negative. Previously, from 2019 to 2021, four companies founded by the Brazilian player also declared bankruptcy. *Thank you for reading our article to the end. * *Stay up to date!

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