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Americans’ thoughts on Poland betrayed. “Backwater” –


“1670” series? Americans think that this is how life in Poland looks like – reveals Dariusz Formella, who has been living in the USA for five years. The former Rakow Czestochowa footballer first joined Sacramento Republic, then played for Oakland Roots, and spent the last six months at Phoenix Rising.

His time at the latter club ended with great success. Last November, Formella won the USL championship, the second level of competition. He contributed to this by scoring six goals.

Further part of the material under the video. “My stay here is very successful, they are pleased with me.” Formella was a guest on a program hosted by journalist Tomasz Ćwiąkala, where he shared his impressions of living across the ocean.

He was asked how Americans perceive Poland. Also see: [Xavi expects more from Lewandowski. They know Spain, England, and probably Germany.

The rest of the countries are simply “Europe” to them – said the 28-year-old. “1670” series? When I talk to them, they think that this is how life in Poland looks.

Sometimes when they ask me questions, I conclude that they think that in Poland, it’s like the dark ages, we ride horses, and eat fish that we catch ourselves,” he added. It’s about building interpersonal relationships. “When you meet, the first contact is easier in the USA.

In Poland, when you get into an elevator, you just stand there and at some point, you get off. In the USA, there’s always small talk. But when you know someone better, then in Poland, these relationships are definitely more sincere and warm.

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