Emre Saglik

Corría por el campo con el teléfono, los aficionados sospechaban. La razón prosaica –

Unusual Incident During a Turkish Football Match
A strange situation occurred during a match in the Turkish third league, where Denizlispor was hosting Etimesgut Belediyespor. One of the players was seen running on the field with a phone in his hand, arousing suspicions of potential corruption among the fans.

The incident quickly went viral on the internet, but it turned out that there was a mundane reason for his behavior. He had found the device off the pitch.

The match ended in a goalless draw, but much more attention is being given to the incident that occurred in the second half. A video surfaced showing one of the home team players running on the field with a phone in his hand.

Running with a phone in hand, we know the reason
Emre Saglik’s behavior immediately elicited a strong reaction from some internet users. Some directly suggested the player’s involvement in corrupt practices.

However, a few minutes later, it was revealed that the reason for this was mundane. The home team defender had found the phone outside the field when heading out for the second half.

After a few minutes, he returned it to the ball boy responsible for giving out the balls. Everything indicates that the phone slipped out of his possession just before the game resumed.

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