Trondheim Cross-Country Skiing World Championships

“We don’t want Russians in our city”. World Championships organizer speaks frankly –

The organizer of the World Championships speaks directly. The chairman of the Trondheim council, the host of next year’s World Championships in cross-country skiing, Kent Ranum, stated that the city does not want the presence of Russian athletes and appealed to the International Ski Federation (FIS) for their exclusion. “Of course, it is not up to us, but up to the FIS, but its officials must hear our firm point of view loudly.

My message to the Russian athletes is: ‘you are not welcome here’,” Ranum emphasized. According to the newspaper “Verdens Gang,” this is also a message directed to the International Olympic Committee, which intends to allow Russian athletes to compete in Paris on the condition that they meet certain criteria. “For us, there are no conditions or mitigating circumstances.

We simply do not want Russians in our city, just as our sponsors and fans do not want them. Our signal to the FIS is clear and irrevocable,” Ranum told the newspaper. *Thank you for reading our article to its end.

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