Speedway - Metalkas 2. Ekstralidze

Palabras fuertes: Mocne słowa po meczu w Bydgoszczy. Pcha się tam gdzie nie ma miejsca? – .

W niedzielę odbył się hit kolejki w Metalkas 2. Ekstralidze w Bydgoszczy.

Abramczyk Polonia pewnie pokonała Arged Malesę Ostrów Wlkp., notując wynik 51:38. Debiutancki występ w drużynie z Wielkopolski miał Wiktor Jasiński, który zdobył cztery punkty oraz jeden bonus w pięciu startach.

During the match, there was intense competition between the two favorites to win the league. However, fans also witnessed the darker side of the sport with numerous falls, one of which resulted in a shoulder injury for Gleb Czugunow, rendering him unable to continue riding.

Jasiński commented: “This match could have looked completely different if not for Czugunow’s injury. We lost Gleb at the beginning, unfortunately, that’s how this sport is.

I caught up with Krzysztof Buczkowski and ended up in the hospital, that’s part of our profession.” The young rider, a product of Gorzów’s Stal, only earned four points and one bonus, being excluded twice.

He reflected, “I fought on the track, I wanted to score points for the team. I don’t know if I’m known for that, but I always push where there’s no space.

Unfortunately, I collided with motorcycles. We need to swallow it and move on.”

In Bydgoszcz, as usual, the fastest path was under the band, which the locals effectively utilized. Jasiński expressed, “It seems to me that the hosts read the paths better.

The track was constantly changing, sometimes it was narrow, and sometimes wide, so they simply read it better. We overslept the match with the setups.

We have to draw conclusions and look ahead.”


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