Miklos Feher

Nagranie dramatycznych wydarzeń. Emocjonujące reakcje zawodników, krzyk o wybacz. Nieoczekiwane połączenie – relacja z Przeglądu Sportowego.

Miklos Feher, a player for Benfica, collapsed on the field during a match and tragically lost his life despite the dramatic fight to save him. This heartbreaking event occurred in the added time of the game, and it was witnessed by thousands of spectators both at the stadium and through TV broadcast. His teammates were left in shock and disbelief, with some crying and others praying for his recovery.

Before the tragedy, Feher had entered the match in the 59th minute and even provided an assist for the winning goal in the 90th minute. He seemed to have accomplished his task on the field and was awaiting the arrival of his fiancée after the game. However, in an unexpected turn of events, he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead due to a heart arrhythmia.

As the news spread, people were deeply affected by the loss of the talented and respected player. Both FC Porto and Benfica, the clubs where Miklos Feher had played, showed great respect and support. Benfica even sent a delegation to his funeral in Hungary, and the club postponed subsequent matches as a mark of respect.

Despite his young age of 24, Feher had already made a significant impact in his football career, playing for the senior national team of Hungary as well. His sudden passing shocked the football community and left a sense of loss for his promising talents.


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