“They received cash from PiS.” The truth has come to light. – Review of Sports

The truth has come to light. Mikołaj “Konopskyy” Tylko, a well-known YouTuber, has addressed the conspiracy theories that arose in the aftermath of the recent Pandoragate scandal in Poland. He and Sylwester Wardęga faced accusations of receiving money from political parties to create the scandal, which he has vehemently denied.

In a podcast episode of “Fomo,” released on Sunday, January 21, Konopskyy spoke about various topics, including his family, earnings, and the Pandoragate scandal involving prominent Polish YouTubers. He clarified that he would never engage in any cooperation with the government and dismissed the absurd allegations of receiving money from any political party to expose the scandal.

Furthermore, Konopskyy revealed that he had received a lucrative offer from Polish Television last year, which involved significant amounts of money for promoting a government-run news and youth platform on his YouTube channel. He described the sums offered as “crazy money.”

Konopskyy’s statements on the podcast addressed the political connections to the Pandoragate scandal and the accusations of being paid by political parties, dismissing them as baseless and absurd. He emphasized his stance of not getting involved in any cooperation with the government and shed light on the controversial offer he received from Polish Television.

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