Grand Theft Auto VI

“Joker from Florida” from GTA 6 demanded 10 million from Rockstar. Now he’s embarrassing himself – Sports Review.

The “Florida Joker” of GTA VI is a disgrace. Shame on the whole world. The Florida Joker demanded 10 million dollars for his suffering. He threatened not to be placed in a psychiatric ward and directed another warning to Rockstar Games. Lawrence Sullivan’s expectations have reduced, and he now seeks a greater involvement in the development of GTA VI. He mentioned being harassed and unable to enjoy a simple pizza without being asked for photos. The situation is becoming more embarrassing, with Sullivan continuing to make demands, threatening legal action, and attempting to gain attention through social media.

Sullivan’s recent video on TikTok revealed a new proposal to Rockstar Games. He has scaled back his demands and is now seeking an actual role in the game without making overt legal threats. He desires to have his voice featured, a greater role in the game’s story, and a substantial financial compensation. He believes his previous actions have provided significant publicity for the game and indicates that everyone loves him. However, his demands are still considered ridiculous and seem to bring more shame upon himself than any potential gain. It is unclear how Rockstar Games will respond. The situation is set to unfold further, given Sullivan’s self-imposed deadline.


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