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Agent Karol Świderski reveals the details of the transfer. “You don’t know about many things” –

“About many things you don’t know”

Karol Świderski changed American Charlotte FC for Italian Hellas Verona in the final moments of the winter transfer window. The team has a small advantage over the relegation zone in Serie A and will fight to avoid it until the end of the season. The transfer is quite surprising from the perspective of the Polish forward. His agent Mariusz Piekarski, however, has a different opinion.

In “Kanał Sportowy,” he revealed the background of this transfer. There is a new coach in Charlotte. You don’t know where he saw him, so there were many reasons for the departure […] Hellas met the conditions that, when it comes to the loan, were brutal. Remember that Charolette did not make the valuation, but MLS did.

And you can say that a valuation for the loan had to be made. It was very high, but I cannot disclose its amount – he said. We looked at this direction from a sports perspective, for Karol to show himself in a strong league – he added. A mission for the desperate?

It seems to me that staying in Charlotte would have been a weak and risky move, so I believe that making this transfer was a very difficult mission. Now Karol is to help Hellas avoid relegation. Let’s remember that there is not much competition there – Piekarski concluded. In the Serie A table, Hellas is in 16th place with 18 points.

The same as the 18th placed Cagliari, which is in the relegation zone. Swiderski’s new team has a better goal difference and that’s why they are two places higher. The forward’s goal for the end of the season will be to secure Verona’s stay. *Thank you for reading our article to the end.

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