Kylian Mbappe

Españoles revelan cuánto recibirá Kylian Mbappe en el Real Madrid. En comparación con su salario en el PSG, será una “nimiedad” –

According to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Kylian Mbappe is getting closer to making a decision about his future. The Frenchman would like to play for Real Madrid, but this would involve reducing his salary by about five times, which is astronomical in PSG.

It is unknown whether the striker is willing to sacrifice and follow a path like Jude Bellingham’s. Therefore, recruiting Kylian Mbappe to their ranks is not that simple.

According to “Marca”, Mbappe would become the highest-paid player for the Royals, but he would still have to lower his salary compared to PSG. Jude Bellingham took a similar approach, as he had much higher offers than the one from Real, but for the Englishman, sporting ambitions are the top priority.

Real officials are prepared to offer him a salary closer to what Bellingham and Vinicius receive, which ranges from 10-12 million euros (40-50 million PLN). This demonstrates the difficult decision Mbappe is facing.

According to the portal, the striker would receive a bonus of 60 million euros (approximately 250 million PLN) just for signing a contract with the Royals, but his basic salary would be 15 million euros (approximately 65 million PLN). However, these are not the only sacrifices Mbappe is facing.

Real Madrid has image rights to their employees and players. The portal reports that the Royals are willing to compromise with the player and offer him 60% of the rights to his image, while taking 40% for themselves.

In 2022, this was a key point in the discussions between the player and the club.


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