Karol Borys

Polish clubs are burning banknotes in the furnace. World-class talent let go for pennies –

Karol Borys is heading to Belgian club Westerlo, and this choice is unclear. It is questionable whether this move is in the player’s best interest.

The bigger problem is how a top Polish league club like Śląsk Wrocław could let go of one of the biggest talents in European football. Karol Borys has shown exceptional skills during European and world championship tournaments for players under 17.

He stood out among his peers from the best global federations. His top-level dribbling, vision, and passes set him apart as a remarkable player.

In theory, every club and coach in the West dreams of having such a player, but not Śląsk. The club seems comfortable with letting go of an extraordinary talent like Borys for only about 2 million euros, a player who could soon be worth a ten-figure sum.

Borys played more for national teams than for his club, not even getting a chance to play for the reserves, let alone the first team. It is the club’s role to provide full support for the player to gain minutes, even at the second or first-team level.

The Polish coaches and officials tell young players, “Don’t leave, stay here and only then go west,” but when a talented player like Borys isn’t given a chance, it’s no wonder that many young players choose to leave and pursue opportunities abroad. This lack of opportunities for young players is not limited to Śląsk Wrocław.

Many similar instances are happening in other Polish clubs as well. In conclusion, there is a lack of a plan for young players in Polish football, and there is a failure to integrate them into the senior teams.

The limited mindset and ego prevent the understanding that large sums of money are being wasted instead of being earned through young players. This situation is detrimental not only to the players but also to the clubs and ultimately to the development of football in Poland.


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