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Radosław Kałużny: Instead of taking example from the best, we constantly come up with some nonsense –

Luka Vuskovic in the colors of Hajduk Split (Photo: Jonathan Moscrop/CSM / newspix.pl) Marcin Dobosz: A few strange things have happened recently in football. Radosław Kałużny (former Polish national team player, “Przegląd Sportowy” commentator): So, everything is normal.

There has never been a shortage of wonders in our football. I recently read the words of Jan Urban.

The coach of Górnik Zabrze bitterly mocked the strange things. Like the rule about the youth player, sharing points…

I agree with him, because there were a lot of experiments in Polish football that were simply stupid, like the one with sharing points and the table. Radosław Kałużny, photo from 2016 (Photo: Jan Malec / Newspix / newspix.pl)

Instead of taking examples and timidly trying to match the best – the English, Germans, Spaniards – we keep coming up with some nonsense, trying to be original by force or explaining that this is progress and an idea to make Polish football more attractive.

The rule about the youth player is not that smart either, because the wealthier club just pays a fine and that’s it. Once, as we recently talked about, for a three-goal difference in a league win, the team would receive a bonus point.

And those who lost by three goals would have a point taken away. It started to smell like the circus.

Dobosz: Speaking of strange things, the biggest one is undoubtedly the loan of the talented Croatian footballer Luka Vušković by Radomiak Radom. And with the approval of Tottenham, to which he will move for just under 14 million euros in a year and a half.

Kałużny: The only thing missing in this story is for Radomiak to include a buyout clause for 20 million euros in the loan agreement. (laughter) Dobosz: The sixteen-year-old is supposed to gain experience in Radomiak.

Kałużny: I may be mistaken, but in Europe, there are several better places to gain experience. This whole thing is quite strange because from what I read, this boy didn’t make it in Hajduk Split.

I assume that Tottenham is buying potential for 14 million. On the other hand, Radomiak and this teenager will capture the attention of the fans at the beginning of the season because they will want to see what the boy, for whom they paid such a sum, is capable of.

14 million euros – players do not leave the Ekstraklasa for such a price. No one offers our clubs even similar amounts.

The old anecdote about Zagłębie Lubin, allegedly during the term of Czesław Michniewicz, dreaming of loaning some amazing player from the London club, comes to my mind when I think about Tottenham and the Ekstraklasa. Dobosz: “The only joy could be qualifying for the European Championship in Germany, but I don’t see it happening.

I don’t want to criticize Michał Probierz’s team, but today I give them about 7 percent chance to participate in the Euro. At this point, we have a scattered team that needs to be put together.

To carry out a general overhaul. It seems to me that we will modestly defeat Estonia, probably 1-0, but in the final round, we won’t be able to beat Wales or Finland.

More playtime, more minutes on the field for our national team players – this is essential for the team to start functioning better. Michał Probierz’s task, although I don’t think he will manage it before the playoffs, is to create, discover new faces.

Something that Probierz did with Jakub Piotrowski. He bet on him, and he gave hope that the national team would benefit from him” – do you stand by your words?

And if we lose to Estonia, will you still insist that Michał Probierz remains in charge? Kałużny: Without a doubt, it would be a disgrace, but I repeat – the World Cup qualifiers are the stage for which Probierz can be held accountable with a clear conscience, not for four months of work, including the winter break in the national team’s games.

Dobosz: Probierz has just ended the speculations about the new face in the squad. I mean Santiago Hezze, the midfielder from Greek Olympiacos.

The player received Polish citizenship, so there were suggestions of his involvement with our national team. But the coach excluded his participation in the playoffs.

The player was surprised by the call from Probierz, even though the coach only asked very preliminarily about his plans. Kałużny: And that’s good.

It would be absurd if Probierz had invited him to the training camp in their first phone call, or if the player asked which hotel is the gathering place before the match with Estonia. Dobosz: First of all, the 22-year-old player from Argentina has not yet decided in which national team he would like to play.

He wants to consult this matter with his family. Have you ever been opposed to “tainted foxes”?

Kałużny: After all, they accused us of trying to push a “tainted fox” into the national team, and it was supposed to be Matty Cash! Dobosz: Indeed.

We had nothing against the Aston Villa defender. Matty’s mother is the daughter of Polish immigrants.

There are plenty of similar stories where sporty kids grow up outside Poland, but their family roots are or were in Poland. This is how you related to this topic: “I have no problem with this at all.

On the condition that the coach decides that he is needed and will help his team. I’m not against any player playing for any national team.

I would be a hypocrite if I changed my mind, because I didn’t protest and didn’t mind Emmanuel Olisadebe playing in “our” national team. Cash, a guy raised in football in England, with their approach to hard work, is probably ready to immediately join the game.

And probably devoid of “Ekstraklasa” attitudes. Why not?

It’s just nice that a right-back, who plays for a solid Premier League club, rather than a Polish one, joins our national team…”. Kałużny: To be honest, after Cash and his performances in the national team, I expected more.

We’ll talk about it at the next opportunity. And on a side note – today Premier League is coming to Poland, to Radom.

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