Patryk Dudek will definitely return to Falubaz Zielona Góra. There is only one question left –

Patryk Dudek has revealed that he wants to return to Falubaz! His first two seasons with Apator Toruń can be characterized as only average. There are speculations that his third year with the team might be his last.

Dudek mentioned that he is open to a possible transfer and has a strong desire to join Enea Falubazu Zielona Góra. It is also likely that Emil Sajfutdinow and Robert Lambert will be part of the team. There are also indications that the club will not give up on Wiktoria Lamparta.

This leaves only two senior spots for Apator’s officials to fill. It is speculated that one of those spots could be taken by Dudek, whose current contract with the club ends in October, but negotiations have yet to take place. There are also rumors that Apator is considering new prospects, with Tai Woffinden’s name being mentioned.

Dudek, currently at the speedway national team’s training camp in Malta, expressed his willingness to return to Enea Falubazu Zielona Góra in an interview. However, he remains uncertain about the timing. Despite experiencing a season with ups and downs, Dudek remains hopeful for the future.

He is determined to make a strong comeback in the upcoming season. Patryk Dudek has expressed his desire to return to Falubaz after indicating that he might not renew his contract with Apator Toruń. Despite a season of mixed performances, he remains optimistic and is aiming for a strong comeback.


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