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Zbigniew Boniek asked about running in the European Parliament elections. Clear declaration –

“Zibi” revealed in an interview with “Prawda Futbolu” that he had been suggested to run for office three or four times. Over the years, the former president of the PZPN has often been linked to politics. He frequently spoke out on political topics in social media. Roman Kołtoń, from the “Prawda Futbolu” video blog, directly asked Boniek about the possibility of running for the European Parliament.

However, “Zibi”, as he is commonly called, did not show enthusiasm for the proposal. Further details can be found in the video below. “Wherever I have been for many years, I have always represented Poland well. Why do I need the European Parliament?”

Boniek responded to Kołtonia’s question. The former footballer seems content with his current role in sports and is not interested in entering politics. Boniek also stated that he had repeatedly rejected offers to run for office in the past, emphasizing his independence. “I have been suggested to run for office three or four times in the past when I was younger.

I have my own way of life, and I don’t need it. I am an independent person.” During the conversation, Boniek also addressed Krzysztof Stanowski’s statement expressing his intention to participate in the presidential campaign. Boniek stated that choosing the president is not a “circus” and it’s not about electing a “clown,” but about selecting a representative for the entire country.

“If Stanowski were to run, I don’t know if he would win against the current president or lose,” said Boniek. “It’s not about choosing a clown.” He also commented on the Central Communication Port construction project, mentioning that he felt unjustly criticized by some right-wing hate, and expressed his desire to learn more about the need to build a new, beautiful airport. Despite his interest in analyzing the project, he felt that the discussion lacked concrete details, and he had difficulty finding them anywhere.

The former president of the PZPN concluded the interview.


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