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Falubaz the best club for Patryk Dudek? What will he do if he is missing from the elite? –

Patryk Dudek is facing the final season of his contract with Apatorem Toruń. The club’s officials have made it clear that discussions regarding further cooperation will depend on how the 31-year-old performs in this year’s PGE Ekstraliga. Dudek himself has not ruled out another transfer saga involving him and a possible return to his home club, Enea Falubaz Zielona Góra. His first two years in Toruń were average, although he helped Apator return to the league podium after 7 years with a bronze medal.

He expressed uncertainty about his future plans, acknowledging that there might be a lot of speculation about his next move and that he wants to return to Zielona Góra but cannot predict when it will happen. There is a possibility that Falubaz may not remain in the top league after the 2024 season, with experts suggesting relegation for the club. Despite this, a former Falubaz player, Jan Krzystyniak, advises Dudek to consider returning to Zielona Góra regardless of which league he will compete in. He believes that Dudek’s best performances were with Falubaz and that if he wants to remain competitive in international speedway, he is destined to return to the club.

Krzystyniak emphasizes that Dudek is still young and talented and will likely have offers from top league clubs, but he believes that Dudek’s success and comfort were greatest with Falubaz. Krzystyniak suggests that, despite the league, Dudek should return to Zielona Góra in 2025.


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