Ski Jumping World Cup in Willingen

Great opportunity for Aleksander Zniszczoła and a record jump by the Norwegian skier! Great emotions in Willingen –

The Saturday and Sunday competitions were incredibly exciting, despite the many problems the organizers faced, with incessant pouring rain and strong gusts of wind. Johann Andre Forfang triumphed in the first competition, setting a new hill record (155.5 m).

The next day, Andreas Wellinger took the win. Aleksander Zniszczoł performed very well in both days of competition, securing second place twice.

Willingen was unforgiving for the male and female jumpers last weekend. The weather wasn’t favorable, with intense rain and strong winds making it difficult to carry out the events smoothly.

On the first day, Johann Andre Forfang took the win, breaking Klemens Murańka’s previous record with a jump of 155.5 m in his second Saturday attempt. Andreas Wellinger won the second competition.

Aleksander Zniszczoł performed well in Germany, securing eighth place twice, the best results for the Polish team this season. The World Cup will now move to Lake Placid in the United States.

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