Dariusz Szpakowski

Dariusz Szpakowski will return with a bang. We know the next plans –

We know the next plans – Friends of my daughters met a foreign tourist in Thailand, and it turned out that he was from Argentina when they mentioned they were from Poland, the Argentinian pulled out his phone, played a recording of me, and asked, “Do you know this commentator?” Dariusz Szpakowski shares his conversation with Przegląd Sportowy Onet as he prepares to return to commentating matches. We will hear him again during Euro 2024.

It looks like Szpakowski will also commentate the final of the tournament. He hopes to see the Polish national team at the German tournament. This will be a comeback for him after a year and a half.

The last match he commented on was the World Cup final in Qatar. He fondly remembers that final, as it was unforgettable, not only for Polish fans but also for the Argentinians. Szpakowski admits that he dreams of the Polish national team participating in the European Championship, but acknowledges the challenges.

He expresses concern about Robert Lewandowski’s current form and calls for support for the captain of the national team. Despite facing stronger opponents in theory, he encourages unity in supporting the team and emphasizes the importance of traveling to Germany for the tournament. In conclusion, the legendary commentator urges everyone to support the national team, recalling the unexpected outcomes in football and emphasizing the need for unity behind the team.


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