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What’s going on with Iga Świątek’s health? The coach explained the origin of the black headband –

The coach explained the black band
From the beginning of the season, one detail about Iga Świątek caught the attention of the fans. During many matches in the United Cup and the Australian Open, the Polish player wore a specific band below her knee.

It became clear that this must be due to some health issues, although the tennis player herself did not want to delve into the details. Now, her physical preparation coach, Maciej Ryszczuk, has explained it.

“She felt that it was bothering her slightly, so we wanted to relieve that,” he said on the “Break Point” podcast. First, the Pole won all five singles matches in the United Cup in a great style, and then she had a disappointing setback in the third round of the Australian Open.

In some matches, she wore a black band below her knee, leaving fans to wonder if it was due to an injury. Doubts were dispelled by Maciej Ryszczuk, the physical preparation coach of the world’s number one ranked player.

In a conversation with Marek Furjan and Dawid Celtem on the “Break Point” podcast, he revealed that it was about reducing the strain. “The overload of hours on the court, intensity, and the specific way Iga plays just… Iga is a highly intense player in practically every exchange.

She felt that it was bothering her slightly, so we wanted to relieve that,” Ryszczuk said. Coach speaks frankly
The words of Iga Świątek’s staff member do not indicate a more serious injury that would require a break from participating in tournaments.

However, it is clear that the aggressive and offensive style of play of the Polish player is taking a toll on her health. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, the health issues will subside, and the ranking leader will be able to focus solely on her upcoming opponents.

The Roland Garros champion will soon compete in the WTA 1000 tournament in Doha. A week later, she is scheduled to play in the same-level event in Dubai.

Aryna Sabalenka will be absent in Doha. The Australian Open champion withdrew from the event after the demanding competition on the courts in Melbourne.

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