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Important sponsor forgave PZPN after Stasiak scandal. But he also protected himself –

The Polish Football Association (PZPN) and Tarczyński S.A. have announced the continuation of their cooperation, despite previous problems and controversies. The company has decided to extend the sponsorship contract for another two years, until July 2026. This decision comes as a surprise to many, as just six months ago the sponsor was considering terminating the agreement with PZPN. The company emphasized the importance of the fans and their commitment to supporting Polish football, including women’s and youth national teams, as well as talent scouting programs.

In July 2021, Tarczyński S.A. had previously stated that they would end their cooperation with PZPN and not renew the contract signed in September 2022. However, a new annex to the contract now includes legal tools to address any negative effects on the company’s image or breaches of standards. Additionally, provisions for information flow between the parties have been introduced to monitor events and resolve any potential issues promptly. The PZPN also emphasized transparency in its relationship with the sponsor and appointed a specific contact person – the Sponsor’s Supervisor in the person of the PZPN General Secretary.

This move is aimed at fostering more effective and fruitful cooperation, benefiting not only the two parties but also the entire fan community. The news about the participants of a trip to Chisinau for the match between the Polish national team and Moldova prompted PZPN to issue a statement clarifying that a designated number of seats is allocated to their business partners and that one of the participants was invited by one of these partners. This statement had apparently frustrated the national team’s sponsors, including Tarczyński S.A., which had initially wanted to completely withdraw from the cooperation with PZPN. However, the extension of the sponsorship contract reflects the company’s commitment to continue supporting the athletes and their fans, aligning with the popular slogan “you are not a fan by chance.”

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