Liberation: Lithuania needs a barrier from the appetites of Russia

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014 Vilnius fears that he may become the new target of Moscow. Republic is strengthening the borders and puts itself under the protection of NATO.

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  • An experiment on mice: humans can reproduce in space

    Employees of the University of Yamanashi were used for fertilization the sperm of rodents flown in space. It is more than 9 months stored on the International space station (ISS) at a temperature of minus 95 degrees Celsius. Born mice were healthy, says Deccan Chronicle.

  • The summit "the big seven" faces failure

    The summit "the big seven", which began on Friday, may 26, in the town of Taormina on the island of Sicily, is threatened with failure because of the confrontational course of the new US administration in a number of important issues, transfers Deutsche Welle with reference to the Agency dpa.