Reveals the origin of the source of the "alien signal"

An unusual signal, which, as previously thought, comes from the red dwarf Ross 128 and may be associated with extraterrestrial civilizations, has a terrestrial origin. This was reported on Ct he University of Puerto Rico.

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  • Media: the British found Nazi gold in a sunken ship

    Near the coast of Iceland, the members of the British company Advanced Marine Services found on a sunken German ship SS Minden about four tons of gold, reports the Daily Mail. In the photo - the ship SS Porta, the same series that SS Minden.

  • Died the first Soviet millionaire Artem Tarasov

    One of the pioneers of cooperative during perestroika in the USSR in the late 1980-ies, businessman Artem Tarasov (on the archive photo left)died at the age of 67 years. About it reports "Interfax" with reference to the press service of the party "Yabloko", from which Tarasov was nominated for election to the state Duma in 2016.