Andrzej Gancarczyk passes away at age 42 –

Andrzej Gancarczyk, a former player and member of the coaching staff of the Oława team, has passed away at the age of 42. He was one of seven brothers who played football, with one of them even representing Poland. “He was a player during the club’s prosperous times, but also during its darkest moments. He always proudly wore the MJO emblem on his heart, and his actions proved that his heart was black-white-green,” it was written.

Andrzej Gancarczyk didn’t have a great career on the field, but his family was well-known in the football community. It’s rare to have seven brothers all involved in the same sport. “I have always admired my mother for raising us all and managing the chaos. With such a big family, breakfast and lunch were always served, even though my mother had to work besides taking care of the house. How much food did the Gancarczyk family eat? I can assure you, it was a lot,” said Andrzej. In 2011, five Gancarczyk brothers even appeared on the field during one match. Andrzej, Krzysztof, Waldemar, and Mateusz played for Moto Jelcza in a friendly, while Marek played for Śląsk Wrocław. Janusz, who was a player for Zagłębie Lubin at the time, watched the match from the stands. Janusz achieved the most success among the Gancarczyk brothers, playing in the top-tier league for Śląsk Wrocław, as well as Zagłębie Lubin and GKS Katowice. In November 2009, he participated in a friendly match between the Polish national team and Canada in Bydgoszcz. He entered the field in the 69th minute. Now 39 years old, Janusz still plays alongside his brothers Waldemar and Mateusz for Moto Jelcz.

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